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There was a one-day delay in touchdown due to weather on the Cape. STS-112 landed again in Cape Canaveral at 15:Forty three UT on 2002 October 18 carrying the same crew of six. ISS assembly mission ISS-11A delayed from August 22, September 6, 19, October 6, November 2, 10, 11, 19 and 23 attributable to SSME problems after which damage to the Shuttle’s manipulator arm. ISS Assembly flight delayed from March 22, April 4, August 22, September 28, October 2 attributable to payload delays and then SSME issues. Launch delayed from March 22, April 4. Space Shuttle Atlantis entered an orbit of roughly fifty nine x 229 km x 51.6 deg at 2052 UTC, and separated from the External Tank, ET-114. ET-117 separated into an approximately 57 x 225 km x 51.6 deg orbit.6 deg orbit. The OMS-2 burn at about 1207 UTC raised perigee to about 195 km. Atlantis fired its OMS engines at apogee to raise its perigee to 155 km. Spacecraft: Atlantis. Flight delayed after the Columbia catastrophe. Atlantis docked with the International Space Station at the PMA-2 port at 10:48 GMT on 11 September.

Shuttle mission STS-113 carried a crew of seven astronauts (six American and one Russian) and a 13.7-m truss of 12.5 tons to the International Area Station (ISS). Spacecraft Bus: Shuttle. Spacecraft: Columbia. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-138A. Flight: STS-120A. Spacecraft Bus: Shuttle. Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: STS-111, STS-111 ISS EO-5. Type: Manned spaceplane. Flight: Soyuz TMA-6, STS-114. Program: ISS. Flight: STS-134A. STS-121 was to have flown ISS Assembly mission ISS-9A.1, delivering the SPP with 4 Photo voltaic Arrays to the station, and have carried out a crew rotation.. STS-127 (cancelled) – . The Leonardo module carried 8 Resupply Stowage Racks and four Resupply Stowage Plaftorms, with equipment to be transferred to the station. It additionally carried two science racks: the MSG (Microgravity Science Glovebox) and Specific-3, which could be installed on Destiny. The RAC carried the 2 folded SA-III inflexible solar arrays which replaced the SA-II roll-up arrays. The RWA-1R response wheel assembly on the MULE provider replaced the faltering RWA-1 in the telescope. On the fourth spacewalk the astronauts removed the European FOC camera, aboard HST since launch in 1990, and replaced it with the new ACS (Advanced Camera for Surveys). Columbia obtained within 100m of HST by 0852 UTC on March 3. Grappled it with the RMS at 0931 UTC. Was reused for each of the HST SM flights. STS-132 was to have flown ISS resupply mission ISS-UF6.

STS-130 was to have flown ISS resupply mission ISS-UF5. Discovery docked with the ISS at 22:12 GMT on December 11. In essentially the most demanding ISS meeting mission ever, the crew would require an extra spacewalk to finish set up of the P5 truss, retraction of the recalcitrant port P6 photo voltaic array wing, and activation of the truss electrical and cooling system. Queensland will begin a collection of “complicated clinical and administrative arrangements” to arrange a voluntary assisted dying scheme after a historic vote within the state parliament. Everyone has a few drug treatments alternate choices already out there which can get rid of quite a lot of all of these illnesses. In somebody who has Alzheimer’s, these proteins clump collectively and kind plaques that disrupt cell function. The Starshine-2 reflector satellite tv for pc was ejected from the MACH-1 bridge in Endeavour’s payload bay at 1502 UTC on December 16. Endeavour landed on runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center at 1755 UTC on December 17. The Expedition three crew of Culbertson, Dezhurov and Tyurin returned to Earth aboard Endeavour, leaving the Expedition 4 crew of Onufrienko, Bursch and Walz in control of the Station.

At the Shuttle RMS robot arm connected to the big P3/P4 truss in the payload pay and handed it off to the Station’s robot arm between 14:52 and 15:03 GMT the same day. They have been ejected from the PLA (Picosat Launch Assembly) of shuttle Endeavour, a 6 kg field attached to an Adaptive Payload Carrier (APC) on the payload bay side wall. Sunita Williams rode the shuttle to the station, and remained behind with the EO-14 crew; ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, already aboard the station, was returned to earth. On 14 July, the station’s SSRMS robotic moved the Leonardo module from the station back to the shuttle cargo bay between 13:08 and 14:50 GMT. It was to be hooked up to the Mobile Transporter and used to mount the SSRMS Canadarm-2 arm and heavy payloads.- Bay 6P: Adapter Beam / Wrist Roll Joint – a hundred and fifty kg. 2 m beam that hinged out to connect with the Quest module.